Arash Shakour

Arash Shakour

Arash holds an engineering background with successful experiences in trade, He follows the real estate market closely and can offer you targeted information on property values in any given area.

By keeping an eye on fluctuations, trends, legalities, technological advances and anything else that might impact home sales, he provides expertise that ensures client satisfaction.

He also possesses an innate talent for negotiating and a track record that inspires confidence. This is one agent who truly has his clients’ best interest at heart.

As well, he speaks French, English and Persian (Farsi).

آرش شکورزاده , مشاور املاک ,مونترال , ایجنت , خرید ملک , آپارتمان ,کاندو , پیش فروش ,فروش ملک , مسکن , اجاره,خرید خانه در مونترال , بهترین مشاور املاک


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